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We offer a variery of services grouped into five core segments to improve your online presence. Below you can see a detailed description of each of the categories, including: Facebook marketing and advertising, Presence on other social networks, Training, Consulting and Web and mobile app development. Of course, should you have any additional questions, do not hesitate to contact us.


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Facebook marketing
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Web & app development
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We developed the most comprehensive Facebook marketing training in Bulgaria - a 24 hour course, for which users register individually. For businesses, we offer digital marketing training at a beginner, advanced and expert level. Our key focus is on Facebook marketing, advertising and page management, for which there are ready-made formats and attractive prices. We also provide custom trainings, for which you just have to contact us and set out your goals.


Our main focus is to advise businesses of all sizes in the development of effective online presence strategies. The development and positioning of a brand online require the use of a set of communication channels to work together and with a clear purpose. Our efforts are directed towards achieving those as quickly as possible and in the correct order, relying on our knowledge of the trends and our many years of experience working with major international companies and local projects.

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Facebook marketing and advertising

We specialize in managing Facebook pages and groups, setting up development strategies, an appropriate brand language, copywriting unique content, selection of photos and multimedia, branding design and activity calendar planning. We can also take care of your optimum response in case of a communication crisis or the far more pleasant situation - receiving praise. You are also likely to need well thought out advertising in terms of formats, designs and communication - this is our third direction in the management of Facebook projects. The consultants on our team have worked on the development of dozens of pages and have managed advertising campaigns with an overall budget of over 1 million leva.

Presense on other social networks

If you find Facebook lacking as a marketing channel and you want to develop your communications on other social networks as well, contact us for advice and ideas. Platforms like Twitter, Instagram and YouTube offer a number of additional opportunities, from which you can benefit, if you have a clarity of purpose and you are willing to create high-quality content.

Web and mobile app development

We provide consultations and development for the purposes of your campaigns - from micro-sites and landing pages to Facebooks apps, artwork and animation. On these we work with our trusted partners as we manage and optimize the project's implementation.

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