Beyond Academy

What exactly is Beyond Academy

Beyond Academy is our platform of services aimed at strategic consulting and training in the field of online marketing. Our key focus is the use of Facebook for business purposes. Our goal is not just improved knowledge for the professionals in this segment, but also creating a community to help everyone. The Academy is a way to get the knowledge about the digital environment that is most important to you in an easy to understand way. For those that are looking for clear, concrete and practical advice.

In-house training


All companies and organizations can take advantage of two types of digital marketing trainings to improve the knowledge of their teams and maximize their efforts:

  • Custom training. Training in topics selected by the client, which is tailored to their needs, using examples of their segment. It requires 2 to 4 weeks of preparation in advance and its price depends on the duration, topics and numbers of trainees. For further information, contact us.
  • Ready-made training from the program of the Academy. Training that has been developed in advance in terms of its topics and includes examples from various segments, so that it can be offered at a significantly lower cost and taught to a wider audience. These trainings follow an established program. Their aim is to convey knowledge about the capabilities of various tools and platforms, and how to use them effectively for marketing purposes. They have been taught a number of times and as a result their content has been optimized for maximum clarity and usefulness for those attending.
You can learn more about the ready-made trainings of the Academy on the dedicated page by clicking the button.


24 hour Facebook-marketing course


The course offers the most comprehensive Facebook marketing training in Bulgaria. It is designed to have a practical value for business owners, marketing managers, agency representatives and people building a personal brand. Registration is individual and over the course of 6 weeks it offers 12 lectures and workshops in 8 key topics to familiarize the audience with all the basic knowledge and strategies for using Facebook for business purposes. The 8 topics covered in the training:

  • Facebook pages, groups and profiles;
  • Facebook's algorithm;
  • Indicators and statistics – Facebook Insights;
  • Writing content for Facebook;
  • Facebook Ads – formats, options and strategies;
  • Crises and positive feedback on Facebook;
  • Facebook promotions;
  • Additional tools and tricks for business purposes.
To learn more, visit the Academy's website by clicking the button.

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